Isabela & Santa Cruz

Hey just got back from my four day trip visiting 2 other islands. I had a great time there and want to share some pictures with you. And since a few people have already asked me, I'm going to upload my "schedule" too.


7am -9am San Cristobal => Santa Cruz
-Boat: Tropical Bird
-Half an hour before
- Security check; no sand and no fruits!

Hostal Los Amigos

Walk trough Puerto Ayora

Breakfast am Bungavilla

Darwin Center

*Lunch: Galapagos Deli

*National Park to Tortuga Bay

Dinner: Il Gardinero

Shark Watching at Port


Croissants & Water at Bakery up the Street from Port

7am -10am Santa Cruz => Isla Isabela
-5 dollar Parkfee
-1 dollar per person for Taxi

Casa Rosada
-Beach Bar
-Last House on the Beach

Really nice option is the Beach House too

Breakfast at Medusa Art Cafe

Mountain Bikes at Bike and Surf

Mura de Lagrimas

Flamigos in Laguna 

Darwin Center

-Leave Bikes and walk the wooden trail back to see more flamingos in the lagoon

Dinner: El Faro
-Try their Arrepas


Breakfast at Casa Rosada with Oceanview

Sierra Negra Volcano Tour (7am till 1am / 40$)

or *Los Tuneles Tour at 11am until 4pm (around 90 $)
-Walking on Lava Tunnels
-Amazing snorkeling
-Go with Juan Carlos (really good guide)


Organize Taxi to leave next morning


6am -9am Isla Isabela - Santa Cruz

Breakfast: Galapagos Deli

Walk to Las Grietas
-take Taxi boat from Port (0,60 $ each way)
-come by Pink Salt Fields
-Canyon where you can go swimming

Volcano Bar: Quesadillas

2am-4am Santa Cruz => San Cristobal

So I just posted this because until now I couldn't gather enough internet to upload the photos and then my phone was stolen too. Luckily I saved all my pictures a week before.

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  1. I would love to visit the Galapagos while I'm down in South America in April. Any chance I can pick your brain for places to stay and getting around? Seems like you got a much more local experience than most people that post about visiting. Thanks for sharing.