Ecuadorian Slang Part 1

Learning the language is always my goal when I'm traveling. Even if it is just a few words. Here in Ecuador, I actually came to learn Spanish. And I did. Más o menos :P
But then there is still the local slang. The more you hang out with people from the island, the more you will hear it.
I am no language expert and it's also not only island specific, but those are some things I heard around the Galapagos. Have fun with it!

Buenas Your to go greeting if you don't know the time and the fitting salutation

Chévre /Que Chévre Cool! How cool!

De ley Right/ You're right

¡Qué bestia! Basically Wow, literally what a biest

Chuchaki From Quichua meaning hangover or feeling hungover

Ve se/sa man Wow...heard that around the pool table often, when someone made a miraculous shot
Es muy rico For good food. People will love you Mono Coastal people, sometimes mean

Serrano the Highlanders or Mountain people

Suca / Sucita White girl with whitish blonde hair

Colorada Blonde, blue eyed & tanned girl

Ya saaabe You know maaaan!

¿Mande? You will here this one all the time .

"Come again? This one has a negative historical context rooted in the times of Spanish conquerors, as it was the proper way for a subject to address their ruler. Mande is the polite “you” form of mandar (to command). Basically, you’re politely asking, “What do you want me to do?” or “What do you command me to do?” It’s considered to be polite, so you may use this as you please in Ecuador with whoever you’re addressing. "(from 
Carajo! Damn

 Achachai — Cold. Say “¡Achachai!” when you’re chilly and shivering.
Arrarrai — Hot. Say “¡Arrarrai!” with strongly rolled rr sounds when you burn yourself.
Atatai Eww!
Canguil the way, they put it in soup

Perdóname - Sorry, I promise to be better

Here and now I promise to keep this blog more up to date.

Now that I have better internet connection and can actually upload photos I will finally publish my already written post. Have some forbearance with me.

Buen viaje y bienvenidos en Guayaquil!

Frankfort, it's 3AM and I get up after having slept for two hours max. The night before some friends of my family came over and my godmother too. So it got late, damn.

At 5AM I somehow managed to get to the airport, standing there with all my luggage I still can't realize that I will leave Germany for 4 months. And it will take me 17 hours more to do so.

My first flight is headed to Amsterdam. I get talking with my rowmates, and surprise one is going to Ecuador too. I mean, who else is crazy enough to take the plane to Amsterdam when just stepping into a train would be so much faster and easier.