My Teaching Project


did you know that Elvis is still alive? He prefers an afro nowadays. And I teach him.

My first day teaching on my own, was also my second day at the school and the second day I ever taught in front of a class of 26. Actually times 4, because I teach 4 classes.

I'm a med student. Besides giving English and Math tuition once a week to earn some money, I have never been a teacher before. My only professional encounter with kids was 5 years ago when I was swimming coach for 5 to 6 year olds.

You might ask why did I sign p for 3 month of teaching then.
I do love languages, although most of my teachers tried their best to make you hate it. But for some reason that didn't work on me. So I thought if you go there to learn their language, why not give something back and teach them "my" (second) language. Be better than the teachers I had.

I was so nervous before, being a complete greenhorn. I had planned every second of class carefully, so I would not run out of things to teach.

Now after my first four weeks, I can say that it did work out so much better than I thought it would and the kids really grew on me.
I really want them to improve their English and have fun leaning it. I also leaned that in a class things never go as planned and thats ok. Just improvise!

To all the people out there thinking about doing a teaching project, go for it! It's a unique chance to get to know the culture and learn their language (especially the imperatives ;) ). Your skills of speaking in front of an audience and "managing it" will improve greatly.
Everyday is a new challenge. Take it and enjoy the adventure.


P.S.: I will post more pictures and write about my experiences in the next few days

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