Packing 4 Month Ecuador

 So, I promised you I would post what I actually pack for Ecuador, after I have moved.

This time I have the luxury of two bags with 23 kg plus a cabin bag. I am not a big fan of having a lot of luggage, because it makes you more immobile. But I will be on an Island for 3 month and I know from a friend who has been there a year ago, that some things like sunscreen have tourist prices and that you will need A LOT of it.
The last moth traveling I will probably need to catch some inland flights, they may charge extra for a second bag.
I have an old hockey bag, that I bought for cheap in is super light weight since it is like a huge polyester sac on wheels. My clothes always got tossed around in it since it is so big, so I started inserting a hanging wardrobe organiser from ikea (like this.) I never went over 18 kg anyway, because this bag is so light. Now I can pop my wardrobe up wherever I am. And I certainly will not find my formerly neatly folded cloth all messed up. (That is what I hated most about packing, folding stuff, just to find it in a mess some hours later.)