Fitness Salad

Hey guys,

let me introduce you to my sister, Florence, who is going to share some of here mouthwatering recipes here.

You know theses days when you come home and you are TOTALLY motivated to do sports and you are not hungry at all? No, me neither. Just go ahead and make yourself this salad, trust me you will feel like a completely new person!!!


-100g Lamb‘s Lettuce
-200g Pork
-Olive Oil
-1 tsp. paprika powder
-1 Carrot
-1/4 Cucumber
-1 Avocado
-3 tbsp. Sunflower Seeds
-3 tbsp. Pine Seeds


Start off with washing the salad and removing the heart. Afterwards, cut the pork into little stripes (should be about 3cm to 4cm long and about 1 cm thick). When you finished cutting, take a pan with some olive oil and put it on medium to high temperature. When the pan is hot, add the pork and season it with salt and a teaspoon of paprika powder. Fry the meat for 5 minutes, until it starts to turn slightly brown on the outside but is not dry in the inside.

Meanwhile, cut the carrot into little cubes, as well as the cucumber. Cut the avocado open and remove the seed, then cut it lengthwise in smaller pieces. Lastly, take the pork out of the pan and put in the seeds with some olive oil for some minutes, until they are slightly brown. 

Take the salad and mix it with the vegetables. Put the pork and the seeds on top and season it with your favourite salad dressing.

Total Time:                                    Preparation time:                           Cooking time:                                  Servings:
45 min                                           15 min                                             10 min                                               1

xxx Love, Florence

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