The perfect Buddha Bowl

Hey guys,
I want to introduce you to my latest obsession: Buddha Bowls. I'm kind of always on the run and while I love cooking, I just do not find the time for it. But I also refuse the "freezer pizza student" diet. So the solution is the buddha bowl.
Just fill your fridge with healthiness like vegetables (fresh and frozen), some lean proteins and some quinoa or lentils that I cooked the weekend before. When I come home hungry, I just look in the fridge and throw some yummy things together.

Fish or turkey breast go in my non sticky pan first. Then I cut the vegetables I want and throw them in my bowl with some prepackaged salad (which is so handy). If I have frozen vegetables I put them in the pan quite early too. If I want to heat up the quinoa or lentils, I just trow them in at the end. Just before its done is the chance to deglaze with soy sauce for example or fresh lime juice.
Now assemble everything in your bowl and dress it up with oil and vinegar or yoghurt mint sauce and some herbs and seeds.
Takes about 10 min max.

Have fun experimenting and enjoy!


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