Don't be a basic backpacker! // 4 month Ecuador project

Don't be a basic backpacker // Classy Summer Style

Hey there,

so in a few weeks I will be leaving for my adventure in Ecuador! I am so excited :)
Last week I finished all my exams, and passed all of them, yay :D.

Since I will be moving next week, I can't really lay out my clothes as I usually would.
But 4 month in one suitcase, going from Galapagos to the Andes need to be planned.
Especially since I will be teaching and have to dress appropriate.
So this collage is my virtual floor ;) Of course I do not own all of these clothes. Gosh, this black blouse for over 2k €, I would know of better ways to spent this money. But I have a really similar one that I bought in Dubai some years ago.
So this is more like a reminder. Of course I will be bringing more than one sock 😂

I will make another post, when I actually pack everything to keep you updated and tell about my carry on hacks.

Lots of love,

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