Cajas national park

I just came from Cuenca, where I visited the national park Cajas. It's around 30km from there up in the Andes (3100m and 4450m above sea level). Travel Agencies in Cuenca offer different day trips (around 50 dollars with a private guide).

Although I had no luck with the weather, it was pretty amazing. I saw amazing landscapes,  more flowers and birds than I could count (or name) and it was my first time at 4167m above sea level.

Did you knew that Ecuador has 4232 different types of orchids? Or which plants you make the delicious pink lemonade called Pitimas or the warming pink tea named Orchata out of? I did the "love" test and touched a blue Gentiana. It closed so I have proven to be faithful.

The name Cajas probably derived from the Quichua word for cold. And cold it was! (Some believe it comes from the Spanish word for box, but the first option is more likely) It has a tundra like vegetation and about 270 lakes and lagoons.

And the best about the whole trip was the Dutch girl that was with me. She literally tried every single eatable plant there was. And provided our little group with her sheer endless supply of fruits. Thanks again for making this trip so fun!

Gentiana sedifolia for the love test

You made it to the end of all my pictures :) I hope I could inspire you to travel visit this wonderful piece of nature.

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