2550 m above sea level, 3rd largest city in Ecuador and named UNESCO World Heritage.

I'm talking about Cuenca, a historic andean city in the South of Ecuador.
I landed there coming from Guayaquil just a day after the city's Independence day 3rd of November which follows the in Ecuador highly celebrated Day of the Dead on the 2nd of November.
So the city was in party mode Wednesday until Saturday. And then Sunday, because Cuenca is like the epicenter of Catholicism the city was completely deserted. But I was on a tour to the National park Cajas so it didn't bother. 

Friday and Saturday though I had the chance to enjoy the handcraft market along the river Tomebamba.

Things to Do:

1. New Church

- Courtyard/ Partio to the right

- Flower market

2. Old Church

3. Market

4. Pumapunga

5. Walk along the Tomebamba river
- Even if there is no handcraft market, there is a bridge where they display art


- National park Cajas (around 50 US dollars)

-Ingapirca (around the same)

More pictures from Cuenca

El Mercado has a nice view

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