Packing 4 Month Ecuador

 So, I promised you I would post what I actually pack for Ecuador, after I have moved.

This time I have the luxury of two bags with 23 kg plus a cabin bag. I am not a big fan of having a lot of luggage, because it makes you more immobile. But I will be on an Island for 3 month and I know from a friend who has been there a year ago, that some things like sunscreen have tourist prices and that you will need A LOT of it.
The last moth traveling I will probably need to catch some inland flights, they may charge extra for a second bag.
I have an old hockey bag, that I bought for cheap in is super light weight since it is like a huge polyester sac on wheels. My clothes always got tossed around in it since it is so big, so I started inserting a hanging wardrobe organiser from ikea (like this.) I never went over 18 kg anyway, because this bag is so light. Now I can pop my wardrobe up wherever I am. And I certainly will not find my formerly neatly folded cloth all messed up. (That is what I hated most about packing, folding stuff, just to find it in a mess some hours later.)

As much as I love this bag, I have to admit that it is very old and the seams are coming apart. With heavy heart I decided to make this my toss bag in case I have to. I will fill it with my litres of sunscreen and normal sized shampoo and conditioner etc. Everything in there I plan to use up on the island.
Usually I would only bring travel sized containers, but since it is a long term stay on an island, I’ll bring my own beauty products. 
Though I do love shopping foreign cosmetics. My hair is way to coarse and tangly for being blondish anyway >_<

My friend also told me that, she tossed some of clothes at the end, because the salty sea brise and  the cold washing made the fabric flimsy.

3 bathing suits
1 neoprene pants (keeps your butt and kidneys warm! ;D )
2 UV shirts for snorkelling and long beach days
2 Board Shorts
Beach Sunglasses(I got a cheap one that I do not mind getting saltwater on or loosing)
Beach towel
Cap( Sunny days and water sports e.g. kitesurfing, sunhats get squished too much, you can buy one almost everywhere)

Waterproof cases
Travel towel
Waterproof pack
Water shoes

1 pair of running shoes
1 pair of flip flops
1 pair of sandals
1 pair of black leather slip ons (they are comfy and chic )
1 pair of sneakers ( they are a little worn out, I will definitely throw them at the end)

1 pair of dressier party shoes 

So I told you that I would bring a lot, not all of the listed ones are obligatory. I’ve listed them with sinking priority, most of them are more luxury, you do not really need makeup anyway.

Toiletries bag: 
Tooth creme
Mouth wash
Dry shampoo
Curly foam
Curly balm
Nail polish remover + cotton pads
Nuxe oil
Face cream
Foaming shower gel
Foot creme 

Shower bag:
tangle teezer, 
razor + spare blades, 
face wash, 
hair mask,

Make up: 
Nail and tweezer set, 
light foundation, 
eyebrow pencil, 
eyeshadow stick, 
nail polish, 
lip balm, 

Accessories bag: 
bracelet and two rings in silver and rosé, 
hair ties and clips

Aloe gel
Hand washing soap
Hair dryer
Round brush
Sun glass cleaner

Medical kit
Basic meds for wounds, headaches and diarrhoea
Blister band aids
Anti blister stick
anti itch
Chlorine & Antichlorine (In my cabin bag)

14 undies 
4 bras (multiway in nude, T-shirt bra & two uncomplicated fav’s)
2 sports bras
9 socks (Walking socks, 4 pair of mini socks & 4 pair running sport socks, I like dry wool)
2 sleeping pants (1 long and one short; I can also wear them as home wear/ beach pants

This is probably way too much for a normal trip
3 skirts (long, medium and short)
3 long pants (black & patterned)
2 loose short pants
1 Hotpants
2 dresses (1 evening friendly)
1 Jeans (heavy?!)

7 dressier tops 
1 long sleeve (?)
10 tops
5 tee shirts
1 jeans jacket
1 warmer jacket/ pullover (I can go in short shorts all day, but my upper body tends to freeze easily at night)

Sports/ Special/functional wear:
=> I know quick drying clothes and zip of pants with lots of pockets are useful sometimes, but they also mark you as a tourist in cities, and you don’t want to be the gringo backpacker… But not everything that is functional has to look bad
1 fleece jacket
1 mosquito repellent long sleeved quick dry blouse
2 sport bottoms ( medium and long pants => travel outfit, I can always wear board shorts for running)
2 sport tops

Rain poncho
Spanish workbook
Spare Flashcards
Pencil case
 Sleeping bag liner

Cabin Bag:
Guide book
Water bottle
Everything from documents
Neck roll
Purse (which is also a small cross body)
Mini toiletries
Ear plugs
Water bottle (min 1l for the chlorine tablets in case I need them)
1 Spare underwear, socks
Chlorine tablets

Vaccine passport
Important bank numbers 
=> see my last post 

Techs=>The list became longer than I intended, but if I take my camera, I also need my laptop. For my laptop I need my HDD…..the list goes on

Plug adapter
Solar charger
Hair dryer
Spare phone & Plug
SD Card 
iPod nano

Travel outfit:
Big scarf
Loose thin jacket
Black sports pants (you can wear them for hikes or running too)

 What do you usually pack?


  1. Hach, ich würde jetzt gerne mal eben zu dir rüber fliegen :) Aber naja... Die Idee mit diesem Ikea-Kleiderschrankteil ist übrigens echt gut! Ich wünsche dir noch ganz ganz ganz viel Spaß und mach schön viele Fotos, die will ich alle sehen, wenn du wieder da bist und ich dich mal besuchen komme ;)
    Allerliebste Grüße aus dem immer noch warmen Deutschland :D

    1. Auf jeden Fall! Ja wir haben hier gerade Winter und nur so 20°C :)